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I am offering individual sessions in english language. I´m not a native english speaker but have lived with people from all over the world and traveled a lot myself.

I studied adult education in a combination with music and psychology. I am acknowledged alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, ThetaHealing-practitioner, kinesiology practitioner, systemic coach, relaxation coach and stressmanagement-trainer. Besides all of this alternative healing i am giving “train the trainer” courses on diversity and gender. LGBTIQ+ welcome! I am writing “Gutachten” surveys for trans people applying for legal gender recognition as well.

Come as you are – and we`ll find out, what method suits you best!




uses muscle-monitoring techniques to access subconscious information about your current issues and what is needed to help your body, mind and spirit to restore balance. With this great tool sessions can go very deep, stress may be released and make way for positive changes. There are plenty of kinesiological methods i am offering. Your system chooses and indicates (by the state of your muscles, that are tested) what you need, that leads to a balance. To describe the muscle testing process is not easy – and best to experience it yourself! I mainly work with psycho-kinesiology, EDxTM and Touch for Health.

  • Touch For Health: With a holistic approach the body’s energies are rebalanced and the intrinsic healing process activated so that it can better heal itself, being in the flow of life. As a synthesis of TCM and techniques derived from chiropractic, naturopathy and osteopathy – including acupressure, a variety of touch reflexes and meridian tracing – subtle energies are balanced while focusing on meaningful, personal goals.

  • EDxTMEnergy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods- is a highly efficient therapeutic method in the line of energy psychology. While considering your themes, you are tapping certain akupuncture-points, that we muscle-tested individually for you. That calmes the nervous system and allows to release stress and treat your toppic without fight or flight mode. Positive affirmations may be addeted.

Mediative Coaching

In a meditative process we dive deeper. You just close your eyes and relax. I use my intuition and the connection to the source of all that is. As in systemic coach I belief that the answers and solutions for all of your problems are already there. Different from systemic coaching we`ll talk less and proceed in a meditative state which makes it much easier to access your subconsciousness and hidden beliefs. It is not hypnosis. You`lll be totally conscious but relaxed. Your brainwaves will be slower and more congruent and positive changes can be made much easier and faster. We clear off things that are in the way to self-healing, like beliefs that are no longer supportive can be released and replaced.


ThetaHealing  is a great technique and spiritual philosophy developed by Vianna Stibal. Not specific to one religion but accepting them all – that allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts. In a meditative state more theta waves are active in the brain.

Energy Medicine

I use my hands to balance your chakras and the flow of energy in your body and in the energetic field around you, so that self-healing is underpinned. I ll do so in connection with the source of all that is/ god/ the field around us. I am not bound to a specific religion.  Symptoms that show up on your physical body have corelations in your energetic field as well. 



  • c/o Praxis Freiraum
  • Silvio-Meier-Str. 12
  • 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain
  • U 5 Samariterstraße

phone: (0049) 177 – 891 4687

kontakt (at)nik-schinzler.de

Meet me in person or have an online-sessions on skype/ phone!

Your contact-data will be used only for answering your questions/getting in touch for appointments and won t be given to any other person. It will be erased immediately when you ask for it. If we fix an appointment, that time and room will be reserved for you. If you have to cancel, please do so at least 48h in advance. Thank you!


75 min.  95  € 

(60 min.  80  €) 

special offer for the first session: 90 min. 90 €

I am acknowledged “Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie” –  alternative practicioner for psychotherapy- which allows me to offer psychotherapy. You might get some refunds from your health insurance – depending on the conditions.