Hello and welcome!

I´m offering sessions in english language. I´m not a native english speaker but have lived with people from all over the world and traveled a lot myself. I do speak a little french as well.

I am offering systemic coaching, kinesiology, relaxation methods and psychotherapy in individual sessions.

Come as you are – and we`ll find out, what method suits you best!

couples therapy: If you wanna work on a relationship you might wanna come with the other person. I´m then offering support in a team with a college of mine with great qualifications and skills. You might want to have sessions with the four of us in terms with sessions, where each of you is working with one of us individually.

Nik Schinzler

I studied adult education in a combination with music and psychology. I ve got an exam as systemic coach, as relaxation coach and trainer for autogenous training, progressive muscle relaxation and stressmanagement. I am acknowledged alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and second level kinesiology practitioner (DGAK). Besides all of this alternative healing i am giving “train the trainer” courses on diversity and gender. LGBTIQ welcome!

systemic coaching

As a systemic coach i am asking questions rather than presenting solutions. You know the problem well – including the possible sometimes hidden solutions. I am structuring the process and my questions help you to focus on different points of view and enable new ways to the target – the solution of the problem. The coach leads the coaching session, the customer works on their solution.


is a great tool i discovered 25 years ago through my uncle, who then worked as a healer and kinesiologist. Since then i am fascinated by that method. Kinesiology uses muscle-monitoring techniques to access subconscious information about your current issues and what is needed to help your body, mind and spirit to restore balance. With the help of kinesiology, sessions can go very deep, stress may be released and make way for positive changes. There are plenty of kinesiological methods i am offering. Your system chooses and indicates (by the state of your muscles, that are tested) the exercises, corrections etc. you need, that lead to a balance. To describe the muscle testing process is not easy – and best to experience it yourself! I mainly work with psycho-kinesiology, systemic-kinesiology and Touch for Health.


I am acknowledged “Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie” –  alternative practicioner for psychotherapy- which allows me to offer psychotherapy. You might get some refunds from your health insurance – depending on the conditions.


You´re welcome to contact me for an appointment or to ask questions!

E-Mail: kontakt@nik-schinzler.de

phone: (0049) 177 – 891 4687

Your contact-data will be used only for answering your questions/getting in touch for appointments and won t be given to any other person. It will be erased as soon as there s no longer the need to communicate about  your requests – or as soon as you ask for it.

If we fix an appointment, that time and room will be reserved for you. If you have to cancel, please do so at least 48h in advance, otherwise i’ll send you the bill…

Please put on comfortable clothes – and no parfum etc. Thank you!